August 27, 2013

Emily is seven months old!

Emily, you're seven months old! Growing up so fast and beautiful as can be!

Before I get to the good stuff, I just have to share what happened this morning. We were all ready to leave the house for school and work. Em and B were sitting on the family room rug playing and when I picked her up I checked to see if she needed a diaper change and sure enough she did. Dan came into her room and said "oh no" and then I realized that Emily had completely pooped out of her shorts, all down her legs and all over my arm and shirt. Yuck! Dan and I just looked at each other figuring out the best way to tackle this mess. Then we realized if poop was all over us then it must also be all over the rug - you know, where B is still sitting and playing. We called him into Em's room and he said "big poopie everywhere!" but luckily he said he didn't touch any of it on the rug. B was my big helper can came to the laundry room with me and chatted away while I rinsed the poop off of everything. We managed to get Em and myself cleaned and changed and out the door, about 15 minutes late. On my way to work all I could do was laugh - it's such a typical parenthood moment that will soon be forgotten. But I wanted to write about it because it's little messes like poopsplosions that make up the day to day of having such little kids, and I know they grow up so fast and years down the road we're going to miss having babies and toddlers and all the messes they make. OK, now I'll get to Em's post or else I'll get all teary eyed thinking about my babies growing up ...

Here are some highlights from the past month ...
  • Sleep is still hit or miss. You're still doing great with naps but bedtime is another story. You seem to like your paci more now which creates a problem when you wake up looking for it. We never know whether to let you cry a bit in hopes that you'll fall back asleep quickly, or whether we should quickly tiptoe into your room and put the paci back in, in hopes that you'll fall back asleep quickly. We always seem to pick the wrong option. Lately when you wake up around 5:00 or so we just bring you into bed and you love it. Your big brother did this too.
  • You are super steady when you sit now, we don't need pillows or the Boppy behind you any more just in case. You do topple over here and there but that's just when you're reaching for something with your crazy long arms. No crawling yet but you have made a couple attempts, which end up with you flat on your belly and not very happy about it. B is in trouble when you start to crawl because I know you're going to be chasing him and trying to get all his cars.
  • You still love to eat and eat and eat. And you don't like it when you're all done (because you devour your food) and have to watch everyone else still eating. We gave you a Baby Mum Mum and you did pretty well with it.
  • You have become a total Mommy's girl, and I love it! If I put you down somewhere or hand you to someone and attempt to walk out of the room, you get your sad face and start crying. While this can be challenging at times when I have to do things, like get your food ready or make a quick bathroom dash, but I love how happy you are when you see me return.
  • You make so many noises and love to talk to yourself. B loves it when you talk to him.
  • You love to reach and grab anything in sight, and with your super long arms it's pretty easy for you. We can keep anything we don't want you touching within a two foot radius of you because between the long arms and the rolling you have figured out how to get what you want! Also, you love pulling Mommy's hair. When B catches you doing this he makes sure to tell you "no!"
  • You and your big brother love each other so much - he loves making you laugh and you love watching him play. So sweet!
Emily's seven month stats:
Weight: 17.6 lbs
Length: TBD
Hair: Red and getting longer
Eyes: Green, but some days they are more blue-green
Clothing size: 6-9 months, even though some 6 month clothes is getting tight already
Diaper size: Size 3
Feedings: Solids three times a day (two containers at dinner) and bottles every four  or so hours during the day
Favorites: Your pink shape sorter and light-up ring stacker. I love seeing pink all over the house!

We love our little girl so much and are having so much fun watching you grow! Love you Em!


July 25, 2013

Emily is six months old!

Emily, you're six months old today! Half a year - can you believe it?? Where has the time gone?? You have made our family so complete and you are sweet as can be.

Here are some highlights from the past month ...
  • Sleep ... I have a strong feeling a little sleep training is in your future. Long gone are the days of sleeping until 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning. Those have been replaced with at least one overnight wake up to eat. For the most part you sleep from 8:00 to 3:30 or 4:00 and wake up crying, wanting to eat. But then there are the nights - like last night - where you woke up at 1:30 and nothing makes you happy except for a bottle. Don't get me wrong, I love extra cuddles with you, just maybe not between the hours of one and five in the morning. Your naps, however, have been amazing! For the past couple weekends you have been taking two 2 1/2 hour naps each day. We greatly appreciate that  : )
  • You have new skills! You can sit and roll over!! Bradley has been your biggest fan when it comes to learning new skills, he cheers you on and claps for you. He is a proud big brother.
  • You love to eat and you definitely favor fruits over veggies. You do OK with chicken noodle but you love to spit out your squash. You started sitting in a high chair at school with the big babies - growing up so fast!
  • You love to smile and laugh and blow raspberries, especially at Daddy. You light up when you see B and love watching him play.
  • You are talking more and more and also like to growl from time to time. You also love your feet - one of your favorite thins to play with.
  • You had another ear infection this month and you were not happy about it. Hopefully we can keep those at bay so you won't need ear tubes.
  • You love to reach and grab anything in sight, and with your super long arms it's pretty easy for you. We can keep anything we don't want you touching within a two foot radius of you because between the long arms and the rolling you have figured out how to get what you want! Also, you love pulling Mommy's hair. When B catches you doing this he makes sure to tell you "no!"
  • Your big brother thinks the world of you. He loves seeing you at school and always wants to make sure you're OK. He always lets us know when you're crying (even though we're quite aware) and loves to call you "sweetheart" and "pretty girl"

Emily's six month stats:
Weight: 17.2 lbs - 77%
Length: 26.5 in - 80%
Hair: Red and oh so pretty
Eyes: Mostly green but some days they look more blue
Clothing size: 6 months and 6-9 months
Diaper size: Size 2 until we run out, and size 3 in overnight diapers
Feedings: Every four hours during the day and solids for brunch and dinner
Favorites: Mittens the Kitten and Jacques the Peacock, your Jumperoo if you're in the right mood for it and your light-up/music ball

{a bonus picture of Em in her half birthday outfit}

We love you so much Em baby!! 


June 28, 2013

Emily is five months old!

Emily, you're five months old today three days ago! You are transforming from a baby to a little girl more and more each day. We adore your little personality so much!

Here are some highlights from the past month ...
  • I'm probably going to jinx myself by writing this but you've been a rock star sleeper lately! Your bedtime is 8:00 and you have been sleeping all the way until 6:00 or 7:00 for the past week or so. Amazing!! You usually stir a little and cry out at some point in the night/early morning but can usually go back to sleep quickly. Your naps have gone back to normal too, with your noon nap being the longest. Sometimes it even works out that you and B nap at the same time and that is just awesome for Mommy and Daddy.
  • You love playing with your toys and you love your ribbon/tag blanket. You were using B's for a while (he never cared for it) but it was blue with airplanes on it so we got you your very own girly one with owls. Daddy said the airplane one was fine but I disagreed - you're welcome  : )
  • You are a Daddy's girl through and through. You smile and laugh for Mommy but it's nothing compared to when you see Daddy - you give him the biggest smiles! It's precious.
  • You love to talk! Sometimes you talk the entire way home from school.
  • You had your first sick visit to the doctor's office - pink eye and double ear infection. My poor little baby girl. But you took it like a champ and weren't even fussy at all. You have a cough now and it seems to be bugging you a little but we're hoping this goes away soon.
  • You love when B comes in your room with us when you wake up in the mornings - you give him a huge smile! You have a great big brother and I can't wait until you two can play together.
  • You are sleeping in your crib at night but we're still working on moving your naps to the crib - you still love your swing for naps. 
  • You have started eating solids. Apples have been your favorite so far but you've also liked bananas, peaches, sweet potatoes and carrots. Next up will be the yucky stuff - peas and green beans - so we'll see how that goes. You reach for B's food too but he makes sure to tell you that you can't eat "big boy food" and you need to stick with your baby food.

Emily's five month stats:
Weight: 16.4 lbs
Length: 26 inches 
Hair: Red and almost long enough for a little hair clip
Eyes: Green - they changed this month and are so pretty!
Clothing size: 6 months, and a few things in 6-9 months
Diaper size: Size 2
Feedings: Every three-four hours during the day and solids for dinner
Favorites: Jumperoo (on level 2 now), Bumbo (although you try to get out of it), ribbon/tag blanket, teething toys

{you love your toes}

{learning to sit up on your own}

We love you so much Em baby!!

June 18, 2013

A Recap in Pictures

{Memorial Day 2013}
{B on the Jungle Bus at school}

{B and his buds}
{E getting ready to stroll out to the playground with the other babies}

{pretty girl}


{Water Day for B's class to kick off summer - there was even a huge water slide!}

{the babies had Water Day too!}

{my chunky baby}

{so sweet}

{B and his class checking out the ambulance for Community Helpers week}

{my silly boy}

{beach day!}
{Daddy and B}

{E standing tall}

{E playing with Pop Pop}

{walking on the sand}

{B has a newfound love for hats}

{love this picture}

{check out those baby blues}

June 17, 2013

Breaking News!

Bradley peed on the potty!!!!!!!! This is huge, as we've been waiting for this milestone for so long. He immediately said "I want my undies now". OK, he's not quite ready for that but this is the first step in cancelling my Amazon subscription to monthly Pampers Size 5 deliveries. Yay Bradley!!!

I do not have any photos to mark this occasion but I do have a couple posts full of pictures coming up shortly to recap the past month. Also, Emily had her first sickness over the weekend. Our poor little girl woke up Saturday morning with one eye covered in green goop. And it gets better. Not only did she have pink eye she also has a double ear infection. It was a very long weekend in our house to say the least. But B peeing on the potty Sunday night made it all so much better  : )

P.S. I forgot to add another important update - Emily has started eating solids! We were going to wait until 6 months but our growing girl just seemed really interested in food and we thought maybe this would get her sleeping a little longer too. Also, she's giant (almost 16 lbs already) so it seemed like a liquid diet wouldn't really cut it for her anymore. She started out with oatmeal and while she had no idea what to do with it the first night she learned pretty quickly and ate an entire bowl of oatmeal a couple nights later. Then we moved on to the good stuff - pureed apples. She loved it!! B also loved it because now he and Em eat dinner together, instead of Emily just staring and trying to grab all his food.

May 25, 2013

Emily is four months old!

Emily, you're four months old today! My little baby girl is growing up so fast! We thought you were getting really big really fast, and this was confirmed at your doctor's appointment yesterday ... details are in the stats below.

Here are some highlights from the past month ...

  • You're a pretty good sleeper. You moved your bedtime up to 7:30 and you sleep until 3:30 or 4:30 when you wake up to eat, then you fall right back asleep until 7:00. Naps have gotten much shorter and you pretty much cat nap a few times each day, but we do get a descent nap here and there.
  • You're starting to grab your toys and play with them a lot more. You love anything that you can put in your mouth! No teeth yet but lots and lots of drool. You go through 6 or 7 bibs a day at school between all the drool and spit up here and there.
  • You seem to really like school and look so happy in all the pictures they post online. Your teachers take you and the other babies outside to the infant playground every day. And you're an extra lucky little girl because your big brother Bradley always makes sure you're OK and not crying when his class is out at the toddler playground at the same time.
  • You're a great baby all around! You're sweet and funny and silly and calm and just an all around good baby. You've come a long way from your first couple months!
Emily's four month stats:
Weight: 14.5 lbs
Length: 25 inches - you're in the 91% for height!!
Hair: Red and getting so long
Eyes: Beautiful blue
Clothing size: 3-6 months, but PJs are all too short
Diaper size: Size 1 but not for long
Feedings: Every three-four hours during the day
Favorites: Jumperoo, Bumbo, Baby Bjorn (facing out now), anything that can go in your mouth, snuggles and cuddles

We love you so much baby Em!!

May 24, 2013

It's Official - Bradley is a Big Boy!

There have been some big changes in our household - B has transformed into a big boy! My plan was to keep B in his crib as long as possible (until he climbed out) but we felt the time was right to transition to a big boy bed. Although he hadn't attempted to climb out he did try to climb into it a couple times (??) so we knew he was ready for a change.

We talked up the big boy bed for a week or so in order to build some excitement and we figured this would be an ideal time to get rid of the pacifier ("meme" as B calls it). Big boys don't use pacifiers, right? It made sense. So we told B that in order to get his big boy bed he'd have to say bye-bye to his meme. He talked about it all week, how they would go bye-bye because he was a big boy now. It was really cute! But I still had my doubts that it would work. There were a few times recently where he'd wake up in the middle of a nap and not be able to find his meme and it was a complete meltdown.

The big day arrived - big boy day. The plan was to convert his crib to a toddler bed before nap time last Saturday. We showed him his new bed complete with new big boy bedding and a pillow and told him it was time to trade in his memes. I held out a plastic baggie and without skipping a beat B put all 4 memes in the bag and said bye-bye. I thought that was too good to be true!

Naps that weekend were disastrous - big boy bed was too much fun I guess - but I'm happy to report that he hasn't asked for his meme at all and is sleeping great in his big boy bed. No more meme at school either which is wonderful. His new issue now is his blanket. Oh my goodness. He has two blankets and the first battle is having him pick which one he wants to use. It's too hot to use two blankets but we do give in when he picks one and then wants the other one at his feet. Once that has been decided we just wait for the meltdown when he rolls over and realizes that his blanket is not in place. He's fine as soon as we fix it so I'm hoping to teach him how to fix it himself this weekend.

There is only one thing missing in this big boy transition - potty training. I just keep telling myself that it'll happen one of these days ...

{my big boy at the park}

{my big boy playing at school}
{my silly boy at dinner}

I just realized I never posted pictures from Mother's Day! It was a nice day that began by talking the kids to the beach by my Mom's house. Bradley loved having his feet in the water! Then everyone came to my Mom's house for Mother's Day dinner and we had a great time. But it was a long day - I should have taken a picture of all the things we had to pack and bring with us for Bradley and Emily. You would've thought we were going on a week long vacation instead of just driving 20 minutes north for 8 hours  : )

{my babies at the beach}

{how cute is she??}

{having so much fun swimming with Daddy}

{Mother's Day 2013}

{three generations}

{the Jandernals}

Now that Emily is at school they post pictures of her class on Facebook too which is great! These were from this past week.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!!